Bonnie has been teaching public classes since 2007.  Classes are held ALL YEAR in Normandy Beach and in the  summer,  classes on the beach at Chadwick Beach.  Bonnie also teaches at the annual retreat for Mothers of Angels and works with Preferred Behavioral Health and Project Sandy offering classes to those affected by Superstorm Sandy.

PRIVATE one on one  OR Small group yoga can be arranged at your location or in Normandy Beach, call to discuss details, price depends on distance to be traveled and number of classes booked.  
Small group yoga always makes a perfect gift for the bridal party-the birthday party.
Private classes for the "too shy" person who is not quite ready for a public class. 

Private classes also good for the seasoned yogi who wants some personalized or in-depth instruction.
Encouraging you not be a slave to the old perception that yoga is not for you or that you are not 'fit' enough to do yoga, 
Bonnie guides you through a class suitable for real people with real bodies.
Plunge into the yoga experience with Bonnie Browne, 
yoga student for more than 30 years.
Bonnie has studied under various teachers, 
an initiate of Swami Satchidananda, her yoga foundation began with Integral Yoga.
 Retired from her position as Postmaster in Island Heights, she is now looking forward to helping other swim far in their Sea of Abundance; Helping others to re-discover their strength, enjoy better balance and discover the peace of mind that yoga can bring. 

Bonnie Browne
lways the student, in addition to two 200 hour certifications Bonnie has attended the following workshop/training sessions in the last few years:

Nov 2007             Yoga                                                                   Doug Swenson                               (6 hours)
Feb 2008             Vinyasa  Detox                                                Seane Corne                                   (16 hours)
May 2008        Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 1 training    Elissa Cobb                                     (32 hours)
 Aug 2008       Yoga Therapeutics                                          Sianna Sherman and Naime Jezzeny. (20 hours)
Aug   2008       Anatomy for yoga teachers                             Patricia West-Low                                (6 hours)   
Sept 2008        Teaching Mythically                                         Noah Maze & Naime Jezzeny              (4 hours)
June  2009       Yoga Therapy for lower back                            Gary Kraftsow-Viniyoga                     (8 hours)
November 2009    Structural Yoga Therapy                             Mukunda Stiles                                    (16 hours)
November  2009     Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy                            Mukunda Stiles                                    (30 hours)

June 2010                 Yoga Phase 2 TT                                    John Dimenico                                        (8 hours)
March-June 2011       Yoga Healing Energetics                 Margabandu Matarano                               (40 hours)
June  2011                Yoga Phase 2 TT                                    John Dimenico                                        (8 hours)
December 2011          TriAxial Yoga Therapeutics          Reverend Jaganath Carrera                             (80 hours)
In December 2008, Bonnie received her second 200 hour teaching certificate, 
 recognized by the University Gujarat. 
The training with Swami Adhyatmanandaji was held at the Sivananda Ashram in Ahmedabad, India
    While in India, she has also received certification in Reiki (First & Second Degree) with Reiki Master Rupa Manish Majmudar

additional training is listed below

Contact Bonnie:

January 2012          Rishikesh Series, advanced postures      Jayadeva, Princeton IYI Director         (14 hours)
February 2012            The Full Force of Yoga                 Reverend Jaganath Carrera                        (12 hours)         
June 2012                 Yoga for Life                                         John Dimenico                                             (24 hours)
September 2012       Journey through the Koshas          Rev. Padma Priya                                        (36 hours)  
September 2012          Bhagavad Gita                              Reverend Jaganath Carrera                      (12 hours) 
February-April 2013     Patanjalis Yoga Sutras             Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                (12 hours)
May 2013                      Thai yoga Bodywork               VedicConservatory, Mukti Buck                      (16 hours)
May 2013                     Triaxial yoga therapeutics        Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                    (2.5  hours)
May/June 2013               Upanishads                              Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                   (6 hours)
June 2013                   Yoga for Life 2                             John Dimenico                                               (8 hours)
2013                              Reflexology                               Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                    (16 hours)
2013/2014             Eka Jyoti Program                                Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                   (80+ hours)
2014                     Sutra Study Master Class                  Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                  (12 hours)
2014                       Triaxial Yoga Therapeutics              Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                  (48 hours)
2014                     Bhagavad Gita: Song of the Divine       Rev. Jaganath Carrera                            (8 hours)
2015              Inside the Yoga Sutras:     
                  The Heart of Yoga, Foundation                      Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                (8 hours)
                   Patanjali's Pulse                                             Rev.  Jaganath Carrera                              (40  hours)
2015      Meditation, Awaken the Mind,  
                          Open the Heart                                      Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                (6 hours)
2015             Bhagavad Gita                                              Rev. Jaganath Carrera                               (6 hours)
2016      RAJA YogaTeacher Training                          Rev. Jaganath Carrera                                (80 hours)
2016      Breakthrough: Diverse Paths on the road to Enlightenment          Rev. Carrera               (12 hours)   
2016     The Guru Gita: A Manual for Apprenticeship                     Rev. Carrera                             (6 hours)