- MODERATE
           - MIXED LEVEL 
             - CHAIR YOGA
     for those with limited mobility
      no getting down on the floor!        
     Poses are done while sitting in a chair 
      and some gentle standing poses    
New Beginner Friendly-GENTLE class Suitable for any fitness level.  If you think "I can't do yoga", come to this class.  You will be guided through a series of yoga postures w/modifications  appropriate to your fitness level.  Gentle stretching and strengthening movements followed by a guided relaxation.    
MODERATE paced-Advance Beginner class: Suitable for those basic knowledge of yoga and a bit more flexibility.  The class is more vinyasa-flow oriented.  Allowing poses to flow from one to another through the use of  breath and inner focus, a guided relaxation followed by a  few moments of silent meditation.

MIXED LEVEL~Beginner friendly:  Suitable for all levels.  Class pace varies with attendance.  Students are guided through modifications and variations  so students of all levels share the same pose  appropriate to their level of flexibility.
  All classes include:  
 some breath work (pranayama),  modifications and variations
 so students can be guided safely
 into postures (asana)
 and allow each student to explore their abilities and limitations. 
Every class ends with relaxation (Savasana).
Not currently on the regular schedule.  
Call to arrange private or small group session
In off-season and with smaller class sizes, class levels are based on who is in attendance.  All classes are mixed level, so that each student can appreciate the pose at their current level of practice.
Tuesday mornings tend to be  the most gentle class, Saturdays tend to be the most active, but again, it varies according to attendance in the off-season

ALL classes 
 in Normandy 
& Chadwick/Ocean Beach 3
$12  walk-in

Commit to 15 classes
 discount package available 

off-season classes held at other locations, price may vary

Walk-ins WELCOME !
No pre-regstration required,
 just please arrive
 at least 5 minutes prior to class start time so you can settle in.

Yes, there are mats 
for you to use (no charge)

Beach classes-just bring a large towel, I do NOT recommend 'sticky'mat in the sand. 

Indoor classes are 90 minutes
Beach classes are 75 minutes
Off~Season Classes 
are all Mixed Level
Summer are classes are a bit more defined 'labeled', as it were......
BUT, all classes are ultimately mixed level, as no two bodies are alike!