don't hesitate to call 732-793-8565 
or e-mail
 if you have ANY questions or concerns 
that are not addresed on the website

In off-season  and with smaller class sizes, class levels are based on who is in attendance. 
 All classes are mixed level, so that each student can appreciate the pose at their current level of practice.
Class level will vary according to who is in attendance, sometimes more gentle, sometimes more active, you never know !! 
SUMMER CLASSES are more clearly defined Gentle, MODERATE or Mixed
Classes held ALL YEAR
Off-season  schedule
 is posted by the first of every month 
noting any exceptions to the schedule.
 Classes in
 are held 
Dover~Brick EMS Bldg
  123 Second Ave 
(Second Ave & Rt. 35 south), 

  Tuesdays  9 a.m.

 Thursdays  9 a.m.

  Saturdays  8 a.m.

$ 12
 all  classes are 90 minutes

February 6
The First Tuesday of every month
us go out to breakfast.
Even if you haven't been in class that morning!.

call if you have questions

PATTI's Kitchen
Normandy Beach


Yoga Life Center
Woodland Park

w/ Rev. Carrera
7:00-9:00 PM

​Satsang is a Sanskirt word that means “gathering together for the truth”.
 . So in satsang everyone is welcome as we gather, a diverse community and discuss our common truth to help guide us through this journey of life.​

  “Truth is ONE, paths are many” this quote is over 5000 years old and reflects a central teaching in yoga. Reminding us that wisdom and peace or any fundamental sacred teachings are not limited to any spiritual tradition.

Requested donation $15.00

Call Bonnie if you'd like to carpool


for February
none at this time