Call Bonnie
 if you have any questions  732-793-8565
Upcoming monthly and special events:

Every month:
First Tuesday Breakfast

FUN EVENTS at other places thru the year
Every  JULY​
Guru Poornima celebration in Woodland Park

EVERY third Friday Satsang w/ Rev. Jaganath
Woodland Park

Every January
 PEACEWEAVERS Peace Gathering
in Princeton
2018-  January 13
see info below

Every January....JAYANTHI celebration 
with Yoga Life Society
Woodland Park
2018 --  January 28


The First Tuesday of every month
a lot of us go out to breakfast.
Patti's Kitchen in Normandy
even if you can't make class, join us at  
after class, around 10:45
call if you have questions

w/ Rev. Carrera
7:00-9:00 PM

 EVERY  Third Friday satsang 
at the YLC Center in Woodland Park

Satsang is a Sanskirt word that means “gathering together for the truth”.
 . So in satsang everyone is welcome as we gather, a diverse community and discuss our common truth to help guide us through this journey of life. 

  “Truth is ONE, paths are many” this quote is over 5000 years old and reflects a central teaching in yoga. Reminding us that wisdom and peace or any fundamental sacred teachings are not limited to any spiritual tradition.

Requested donation $15.00
Call Bonnie if you'd like to carpool

Every January

magical evening of renewal as planetary family!

Bring drums and rattles! 

Princeton University Chapel 
Guru Poornima Celebration 
in Honor of
 Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera

The day's celebration
includes a Puja and offerings of music & storytelling
 concludes with us sharing a festive meal. 

   Every year in JULY
          9:30am - 2:30pm
          Yoga Life Center
          1244 McBride Ave,
          Woodland Park, NJ
          (973) 256-0023
          Free of Charge
​          All are welcome
Please RSVP before  by registering at
​Attend this program at home via webinar
email jayadevi for more information.
Reverend Jaganath Carrera
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